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OI! certainly is the new black and we have the mag to prove it! 48 pages of interviews, rants, reviews. A great way to fuel your rage is the guest column by Martin (of Svart Städhjälp) where he finally put on print why he doesn't like 5 of my favorite bands. I'd like to say I don't like his bands but that would be lying and that's highly inappropriate I'm told. Interviewed bands are Foreseen, Attak (first interview in like 30 years or so), Rixe, Tension and Axe Rash.

All in all very well written and an obvious choice of toilet literature (it has pictures too if you aren't into words and stuff)

The last issue sold out before it was even printed kinda so now a few more copies is done and all glossy n shit...sell out if you ask me but I guess you don't, come to think of noone does anymore.

If you don't wanna buy this you can watch this instead: