Knægt // Slöa Knivar Split 7"

40,00 kr

ADD is not enough to describe the mental status of this record. Two of the best bands from Malmö's thriving hardcore scene with two of the most outspoken vocalists on top of that. 500 copies made and 250 of those on uncoated paper while the other 250 are on coated.

Knægt once more allowed Sista Versen to release their new stuff and they spare no expenses when they riff like there is no tomorrow. The riffs are even sicker than on the demo and you can hear their old bands there as well as a lot of RKL/Accüsed.

Slöa Knivar have been around for a few years and this is their fifth release already and they still haven't changed those killer hardcore riffs a single bit. Patricias vocals are spot on and the lyrics are amazing and spot on as expected. One fast eager rager and one slower song with some great lyrics on the topic of douchebag dudes in ze scene.